The biggest group of railway companies in Baltic countries is going to modernize the crossings of highest importance in Lithuania. The board of the company approved a project for modernizing the alarm system equipment of 14 prioritized crossings. This project is part of the Increasing Safety of Railway Crossings program.

After "Lithuanian Railways" conducted a multicriterial analysis of all 526 crossings, 14 most important crossings were selected. The crossings are part of IXB (Vilnius – Klaipeda) and IXD (Kaisiadorys - Kybartai) railroad transport corridors as well as part of other significant highway and regional corridors.

"Consistently seeking to reach our ambitious goal to decrease the number of deaths on railroads to zero, we pay the most attention to traffic and work safety, we implement complex educational and infrastructure improvement means, and we make modern decisions. According to Railway Crossing Modernization program, during the upcoming several years we plan to invest more than 10 million Euros," – says Deputy CEO of "Lithuanian Railways" and Head of Railway Infrastructure Directorate Karolis Sankovski.

When the project will be finished, railway crossings will have technical measures set by International Railway Union standard UIC 762. These technical measures will provide an opportunity to significantly increase safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in prioritized railway crossings.

With this project it is sought to renew alarm systems, to equip pedestrian paths with a new alarm system at five railway crossings, and to create pedestrian paths in four crossings.

The project involves setting up barriers for the whole part of car roads at the crossings, setting up surveillance cameras, reconfiguring centralized traffic management systems.

This project will not only ensure safe traffic of trains, cars, and pedestrians on the crossings, but will also improve social environment of local residents; it will shorten the times when the crossing is closed/opened as well as the waiting time for the road transport.

What is more, every year "Lithuanian Railways" will save approximately 150 000 Euros per year for the crossings' maintenance and service costs.

In the near future, an international open tender will be launched for the implementation of this project. It is planned that the project will be funded from "Lithuanian Railways" funds. The project is intended to be finished by the end of 2021.