The road carriers now have a choice - to spend long nights at the border checkpoints or to make use of the new railway service and to transport their semi-trailer trucks to Belarus significantly faster. The new project of Lithuanian Railways (AB "Lietuvos geležinkeliai") and Belarus Railways has been symbolically named "Nemunas".

The "Nemunas" project is a contrailer train on whose special platforms the semi trucks can be transported. That is a unique logistical solution in the Central and Eastern Europe. Customs, border and veterinary professionals from both countries, as well as Freight Forwarders Association "Lineka" and carriers participate in the project. The test runs of "Nemunas" were carried out last week.

"We ascertained that the project is well-prepared. The first runs allowed us to find the drawbacks of the technological process and to eliminate them, thus making even better conditions for the carriers and forwarders to use the benefits of such train", - says Saulius Stasiūnas, the Deputy Directorof the Freight Transportation Authority under AB "Lietuvos geležinkeliai".

According to S. Stasiūnas, the new service is estimated to have high demand, it will present more opportunities for the businesses to transport their cargos via our country, and will allow to reduce the loads in the roadborder checkpoints.

nas" train will be able to transport 30 semi-trailer trucks and one passenger wagon for the drivers at the same time. It is planned that the train would arrive at Kaunas from Minsk on the Thursday mornings, and depart back to Belarus from Vilnius on the Friday evenings. The travel duration between both countries is 10 hours.

Next year, the "Nemunas" route is planned to be extended to Klaipėda.

Atnaujinta 2018-04-05