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Investment in the most important corridor of the Lithuanian railways will significantly improve the situation

The international public procurement contest announced by the "Lithuanian Railways" regarding procurement of contract works for the construction of the second way in the section Livintai – Gaižiūnai was won by partners conducting united activities: Eurovia CS, a.s., AB "Eurovia Lietuva" and UAB "Geležinkelio tiesimo centras", which offered the best price of contract works of 51.1 million euros excluding VAT

Partners conducting united activities: Leonhard Weiss RTE AS, UAB "Hidrostatyba" and UAB "Autokausta" came in second with an offer of 51.3 million euros excluding PVM. The third best offer of 54.9 million euros excluding VAT was made by AB "Kauno tiltai".

"The railway network of the country is, for the most part, comprised of one-way rails. That is why this new two-way rail in the main artery of Lithuanian railways will significantly improve the situation. The exploitation capabilities of the network will be significantly improved and this will allow to fulfil the need of the business of the country for intensifying transportation of goods and passengers", states the deputy director general of "Lithuanian Railways", the head of railway infrastructure board Karolis Sankovski.

"Lithuanian Railways" consistently carries out planned programmes of railway infrastructure modernisation and development. One of the main aims of this project is to ensure the increase in speed and passability of a stretch of the strategic corridor IXB. The railway section Livintai-Gaižiūnai is situated within the most important corridor IXB, which connects the main cargo and logistics centre of Lithuania – Port of Klaipėda and the capital city of Vilnius via Šiauliai, Radviliškis, Kaišiadorys.

At the same time, while implementing the project of constructing a second way within the stretch Livintai – Gaižiūnai, the development of European rail way transportation network TEN-T will take place in Lithuania. The project will allow reduction of transportation costs, environmental pollution and noise levels. The new and reconstructed stretch will improve the safety of traffic, improve functioning of local businesses, mobility of work force, traveling possibilities, development of tourism industry, and development of logistics and intermodal transportation.

10,7 km of new railway is planned to be constructed along the stretch Livintai – Gaižiūnai, 10,7 km of current railway will be reconstructed, existing bridges and viaducts, switches and a crossing are planned to be reconstructed, noise barrier walls are planned to be erected, electricity, signalling and connection systems are planned to be redesigned, new fences and drainage systems are planned to be constructed, the Livintai railway station is planned to be removed.

The current maximum allowed speeds on the Livintai – Gaižiūnai stretch are 120 km/h for passenger trains and 90 km/h for freight trains. Once the project is implemented, the speed limit will increase respectively up to 160 km/h and 120 km/h. At the same time the load of the railway axis will be increased from 22,5 t (220,5 kN) to 25 t (245 kN).

The project is comprised of project preparation, expertise services, construction works, technical maintenance and project supervision services, traffic management system application works and other works.

The duration of project implementation is estimated to take 38 months and the completion of the project is planned in the IV quarter of the year 2022.

Updated on 2019-11-11