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“Lithuanian Railways” is modernising locomotives carrying the most cargo: the solution will save 11 million euros for the group

"Lithuanian Railways" is modernising locomotives carrying the most cargo: the solution will save 11 million euros for the group.

"LG CARGO", a company of the largest railway company group in the Baltic states, "Lithuanian Railways", has begun a technical maintenance programme where the rolling stock carrying the most cargo will be renewed. It is the largest rolling stock renewal programme of "Lithuanian Railways" in the last 10 years.

During the project presented to the press and the public on Wednesday, a major overhaul of 44 "Siemens" locomotives will be performed. Unlike previously applied practices, this time the repairs of the most modern rolling stock of the company will be performed at home – in the Vilnius locomotive repairs depot.

According to the director general of "Lithuanian Railways" Mantas Bartuška, such solution will not only save money, but will allow to effectively put the competences accumulated by the group to use.

"We are always seeking way to improve the effectiveness of activities and ways to use competences accumulated within the group and technical base more efficiently. We are currently taking another step by entrusting the works of the major overhaul of the "Siemens" locomotives to a partner possessing engineering competences – VLRD. This solution will save 11 million euros compared to the alternatives the market offers. We will effectively use the competences of our specialists while spending the funds, allocated for the project, within our country.", - M. Bartuška stated when presenting the project.

According to the director general of "LG CARGO" Egidijus Lazauskas, the programme of overhauling the "Siemens" locomotives, purchased a decade ago, will be implemented in stages. This will allow to ensure reliable and fast cargo transportation without interruptions for clients and partners. The project is planned to be completed in 2021.

"Currently the total number of locomotives possessed by "Lithuanian Railways" almost reaches two hundred and this has allowed the amount of transported cargo to grow by 19 percent during the past two years – from 47,7 million tons to the greatest in a decade – 56,8 million tons. The current, modern and well maintained locomotive fleet allows for such scale of cargo transportation and to expect further growth", - highlighted E. Lazauskas.

As the director general of Vilnius locomotive repair depot (VLRD) Albertas Bajorinas pointed out, the competences accumulated within the company allow expectations not only from local market, but for orders from foreign countries as well. "Technical maintenance and minor repairs of the "Siemens" locomotives have been carried out constantly. The competences of our employees allowed us to take another step and to undertake carrying out the work of the major overhaul ourselves. In such way, we expect to broaden the geography of clients and to attract the attention of foreign companies", - stated A. Bajorinas.

Updated on 2019-11-11