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LTG Cargo has implemented a unique locomotive upgrade: it will run more sustainably and faster

The rolling stock service division of the freight company LTG Cargo, operating under the LTG Tech brand, has substantially renewed the old shunting locomotive – this is the first such project in the Baltic States. The unique renewal solution will not only ensure more sustainable, faster use of locomotives in our country - potential customers from abroad are already interested in this opportunity.
LTG Tech has substantially modernized the TEM2UM-1000 locomotive (hereinafter referred to as "TEM2"), which belongs to the popular series of shunting locomotives.
"More and more locomotive fleet managers are facing the problem that existing, older locomotives do not meet modern needs – they are quite polluting, and the costs of their use and maintenance are high. At the same time, there is a dilemma as to what to do with locomotives that are nearing the end of their service life - how to extend their use more safely and at the same time minimize environmental damage. Our team was looking for answers to these questions during the modernization of TEM2," says Albert Bajorin, CEO of LTG Tech.
According to the interlocutor, such modernization of the locomotive not only pays off financially, but also has a positive impact on the environmental side, as it allows to save up to 30 percent of fuel consumption and significantly reduces harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). The upgraded TEM2 engine meets the highest Stage V standard in Europe.
"The average service life of locomotives is more than 35 years, so most of the vehicles currently in demand on the market reach the point of physical wear and tear, the old technology and the level of pollution are not satisfied. Our solution, which allows for a major overhaul of the old TEM2, is unique in that by investing about 60% of the price of a new diesel locomotive, it is possible to have a vehicle that meets current requirements with modern equipment and a new economical diesel engine," adds A. Bajorin.
TEM2 locomotives can be used in the 1520 mm railway network, customers from Lithuania and Ukraine are already interested in cooperation with LTG Tech. The analogue of this type of locomotive in Poland, in the 1435 mm gauge network, is the ST48, so this modernization project can also be offered to customers from Poland.
"The modernized TEM2 is so far the only locomotive in the Baltic region with a high-class 900 kW diesel engine, but we are already receiving interest from customers in Ukraine, Poland and, of course, Lithuania," concludes A. Bajorin.
During the refurbishment of the old locomotive, its frame was modified to allow the installation of new components and assemblies. The vehicle is equipped with a new Caterpillar C32 diesel engine, EMIT main and auxiliary generators, a new Airpol SK30 compressor. All mechanical drives have been converted to power plants, a remote fuel metering system has been installed. Control circuit wires and power cables have been replaced, video surveillance cameras have been equipped around the locomotive.
The TEM2 crew compartment has also been upgraded: the control panel is equipped with multifunctional screens for locomotive control, a comfortable, certified chair for railway operators, an autonomous heating and air conditioning system, and space for additional household equipment. To prevent COVID-19, the cab is also equipped with an ultraviolet lamp that disinfects frequently touched surfaces.
This is the first modernization of such a locomotive in Lithuania, during which only components manufactured in the European Union and the USA were used.
The presentation event took place with opportunity passports.
The rolling stock service division of LTG Cargo, operating under the LTG Tech brand, provides complex repair and modernization services of railway rolling stock and freight wagons in Lithuania, Central and Eastern Europe.

Updated on 2021-07-02