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Participation In International Organizations

Participation In International Organizations

The Brussels Clearing Centre (BCC) is a clearing house for debts and credence's of his members, associates or affiliates, existent of the rail community.

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined BCC in 1998.


International Coordinating Council on Trans-Eurasian Transportation (CCTT) is a non-commercial transport association with an open-ended duration with the purpose to attract transit and foreign trade cargo to the Trans-Siberian route;

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined CCTT in 1997.


Legal expertise for the benefit of the railways. The CIT helps railways implement international rail transport law.

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined CIT in 1995.


Using a wide range of internal and external communication tools, CER aims to present the sector's positions to European institutions, the public and CER members.

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined CER in 2003.


Main objectives of OSJD include development of international freight and passenger traffic, creation of common railway transport environment in the Eurasian region, higher competitiveness and an increase in transcontinental railway routes as well as promotion of technological progress and technical-scientific cooperation in the field of railway transport.

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined OSJD in 1992


 has been established to provide the EU Member States and the Commission with technical assistance in the fields of railway safety and interoperability.


To promote rail transport at world level and meet the challenges of mobility and sustainable development.

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined UICin 1992


The SP1520 seeks to help coordinate polices on railway transport development across the 1520 to secure it is on the cutting-edge of global transportation market.


Principally to develop the uniform systems of law which apply to the carriage of passengers and freight in international through traffic by rail. These systems of law have been in existence for decades and are known as the CIV and CIM Uniform Rules.

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined OTIF in 1995


The members of the CIS therefore established the Council for Rail Transport of CIS States in February 1992 to coordinate the railway systems on the territory of the Former Soviet Union

JSC "Lithuanian railways" joined Council in 1993


RailNetEurope (RNE) is an association set up by a majority of European Rail Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies to enable fast and easy access to European rail, as well as to increase the quality and efficiency of international rail traffic. Together, the current 35 members of RailNetEurope are harmonising conditions and procedures in the field of international rail infrastructure management for the benefit of the entire rail industry


Railnet Europe