Advantages and possibilities of Lithuanian transport system

  • An ice-free seaport in Klaipeda is a bridge joining the CIS, Asian, EU and other markets. In comparison to the other seaports of the Baltic States, Klaipeda is closest to the WEST, i.e. to the ports of Northern Europe and South Scandinavia.
  • Biggest container terminal in Baltic states.
  • Fully modernized locomotive fleet.
  • Due to IT development the efficiency of border crossing control procedures improved significantly (checking of container trains in border crossing points takes only 30 min.).
  • Intermodal trains: ,,Sun train", ,,Mercury train", ,,Šeštokai Express", ,,Viking train", ,,Baltic Wind".
  • Therefore, the port can accept large-tonnage vessels: dry-cargo vessels up to 80,000 DWT, and tankers up to 150,000 DWT.

Updated on 2014-02-18