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New route from Klaipeda will start in October

A new traveling culture ushered in by Lithuanian Railways will connect Klaipeda and Silute by train. Starting from the 1st of October, contemporary trains will start their runs between the above-mentioned cities, including three stops at the following intermediary stations: Priekule, Vilkyciai and Kukorai.

Deputy Director and Director of Passenger Transportation Directorate of Lithuanian Railways Linas Baužys said, "We strive to encourage people to visit one of the most beautiful corners of Lithuania, i.e., seaside and Pamario region, by using environmentally-friendly public transport. Last winter, we transported passengers to Tilsit, also known as the capital of Lithuania minor. The said trial run showed us that a significant number of passenger residing in Silute would gladly travel to our seaport by train".

Timetables for the new route perfectly suit the needs of working people. The company offering their passenger to travel in an ecological and secure way strives to gather as much residents from neighbouring townships and Klaipeda outskirts as possible to travel to work using trains instead of their cars.

Lithuanian Railways offer the undertakings operating in the region to sign cooperation agreements and obtain business cards that would allow their workers the ability to use certain routes to travel to work and back everyday, as well as go on business trips to other cities.  In both cases, the undertakings would settle for the cost of worker transportation at the end of the current month.

Passengers leaving from Silute via the earliest train would arrive in Klaipeda on 07:34 am. The train traveling back to Silute leaves at 17:45 pm. In total, there will be 5-6 trains traveling from Silute to Klaipeda on a given day; therefore, the time of departure and arrival will be suitable for both working people and students. The trip from Klaipeda to Silute will take less than an hour.

Ticket prices range from 2 to 4 euros, depending on the selected route. Lithuanian Railways invite their passenger to purchase tickets online at www.traukiniobilietas.lt, ticket offices and on the train. Same as with many other routes, passengers traveling on route Klaipeda-Silute will be able to purchase fixed-term tickets. Fixed-term tickets offer travel discounts. Passengers buying said tickets for a longer period are able to save up to 65 percent.

Klaipeda-Silute is the third new train route to be introduced this year. In January, Lithuanian Railways started the transportation of passengers from Vilnius to the second largest city in Latvia: Daugavpils. Moreover, starting from the 29th of September, the train connecting four capitals: Kiev, Minsk, Vilnius, Riga will start its run.

Updated on 2018-11-14