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Lithuanian Railways presented a modern image: after renewing the interior, the exterior also changes

The largest railway group in the Baltic States, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, presented a new image on the occasion of its 101st birthday. Not only the logo of the main company is changing, but also the brands of all the companies in the group. According to CEO of Lithuanian Railways Mantas Bartuška, the new image reflects the significant changes accomplished over the past few years and the most important priorities for the future - progress, sustainability and contributing to the welfare of Lithuania.

"Over the past few years, Lithuanian Railways has undergone the greatest changes since Lithuania regained its independence. We have become an open, transparent and efficient group of companies that creates benefits for Lithuania. Not too long ago the structure of our group has also changed. Passenger transportation, freight and infrastructure companies have been established, which are united by efficiency, responsibility, insight and leadership. Therefore, the reflection of internal changes on the outside was also a natural step. Moreover, it is also a commitment to implement even more ambitious changes in the future", – says M. Bartuška.

The new abbreviation is LTG

The name of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai remains, but its new, more patriotic abbreviation LTG has been introduced. From now on it will unite all the companies in the group. Passenger transportation company becomes LTG Link, freight transport – LTG Cargo, and the infrastructure development company from now will be called LTG Infra.

"One of the most ambitious goals of our new century is to contribute to the welfare of Lithuania by successfully competing abroad. Keeping this is in mind, it was important to ensure that the new brand names were easy to understand and remember not only in Lithuania, but also in the world," – says the head of LTG group.

The most important part of the new group logo is the arrow symbol, which embodies movement and progress. The sign also symbolizes the LTG Group's mission to connect people and businesses. The colours of the group's signs together create the tricolour of Lithuania - thus reflecting the commitment to contribute to the welfare of the country.

10 commitments to Lithuania

While preparing for the new operational stage, Lithuanian Railways invited its team, country's society, politicians and experts of various fields for an open discussion. The group of companies sought to hear the expectations of different groups of society and highlight the most important priorities for the future.

Based on the discussion and its results, LTG Group companies' directors Mantas Bartuška, Egidijus Lazauskas, Karolis Sankovski and Linas Baužys along with the new image also presented 10 commitments for the future.

  • LTG Group - a catalyst for Lithuanian economic growth. Through its activities, the group of companies will help businesses develop in Lithuania and abroad.

  • Competition abroad. The group of companies will contribute to the welfare of Lithuania by successfully competing with other carriers in foreign markets.

  • Successful implementation of Rail Baltica. The completed project will allow to travel at a speed of 250 kilometres per hour from Vilnius to Riga or Warsaw.

  • New routes. "LTG Link hears the needs of the public and will create new convenient routes that will allow more and more popular places in Lithuania and abroad to be reached by train.

  • A cleaner environment. Trains are one of the cleanest means of transportation. The LTG group has already ensured that the passenger trains running on the most popular route Vilnius-Kaunas do not pollute the environment at all. And, after the electrification of the main railway transport line of the country Vilnius-Klaipėda, a large part of freight will be transported by electric traction.

  • Intermodal transport. More and more freight in containers or car semi-trailers will be moved from the roads to trains and transported in a greener, cheaper, more efficient way.

  • Smart ticket app. LTG Link will use more and more smart technologies to ensure more comfortable travel The entire LTG Group will also follow the path of digitization by implementing modern station information systems and business management solutions.

  • Changes in stations and especially in Vilnius railway station. LTG Group is an important part of the overall image of the country, therefore it will continue to be active in renewing by renovating the stations. Vilnius railway station is one of the main gates of the Lithuanian capital - it will become a beautiful, cosy and modern space to be.

  • New trains for passengers. After the electrification of the railways, more and more new, modern, convenient and fast electric trains will run on the main routes of the country, and currently the comfortable trains running on the Vilnius-Klaipėda route will move to work in the regions of the country.

  • Wi-fi on trains. When traveling by train, it is convenient to both, relax and work. And that may require the internet. The LTG Group is committed to improving the quality of internet connectivity on trains.

New brands – Lithuanian tricolour

The new name of the passenger transport company LTG Link has both, Lithuanian (meaning direction) and English (meaning connection) meanings.

Brand colour – red. The dynamic, energetic brand aims to encourage residents who are still resilient to get out of their cars to choose an alternative, greener and faster way to travel more often.

"Today, we are still the least train-traveling nation in Europe. However, it is encouraging that in the last few years Lithuania has been in the continent's lead in terms of the growth of train popularity. So, we are rapidly discovering railways. I am sure that by becoming more and more modern, we will attract more Lithuanians to try out the pleasure of train travelling", – says Linas Baužys, CEO of LTG Link.

The company LTG Cargo, which ensures smooth cargo transportation, will be represented by yellow brand colour. It means activity, initiative and thinking outside the box.

"We aim to boldly enter European markets and compete with the really big, world-famous brands that await us there. We are already increasing the volume of rail freight from China every year, and we want to do it even faster. Therefore, non-standard thinking and constant search for new solutions are necessary in order to create as many benefits as possible for Lithuania", – says Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LTG Cargo.

The infrastructure development company LTG Infra has an innovative, modern approach to its field - more efficiency, reliability, and more commercially attractive services. Railway traffic in Lithuania must be inseparable from safety, reliability, accuracy and environmental friendliness. All this is symbolized by the green colour of the LTG Infra brand.

"In our activities, we aim to envisage several steps forward, follow innovations and quickly implement the most efficient ones in order to ensure safety, speed and throughput on the railway. Railway infrastructure must also be commercially attractive to customers and environmentally friendly. The electrification project we are implementing will help to achieve this as well", – assures Karolis Sankovski, CEO of LTG Infra.


Updated on 2020-07-08