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Kaunas-Palemonas Link Will Open-up New Business Routes

In June, "Lithuanian Railways" signed an agreement with joint activities partners UAB "Hidrostatyba", "Leonhard Weiss RTE" AS and UAB "Autokausta" that won the tender for connecting the Kaunas railroad station via European track with the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) located in Palemonas.

"After constructing this strategic link, the largest in the Baltic countries reloading point of cargo being transported via railroads of different standards will start to operate in Palemonas. This will allow the company to increase the scope of one of the most effective cargo transportation methods – intermodal transportations", - the general manager of "Lithuanian Railways" Mantas Bartuška told.

The joint activities partners UAB "Hidrostatyba", "Leonhard Weiss RTE" AS and UAB "Autokausta" won the tender after proposing to carryout the works for a bit less than 54,762,190.00 EUR. In this public procurement, the companies strongly competed with each other – the difference between the highest and the lowest price was approximately 12 per cent, and the competition gave tangible benefit – after announcing the public procurement anew, almost 4M euros were saved.

The companies, which signed the agreement, will have to lay down the European track railroad from Kaunas railroad station to KIT located in Palemonas. The "Rail Baltica" railroad laid down from Lithuania to the boarder of Poland will be connected with cargo terminal in Palemonas. The scope of the planned works consist of the construction of 9 km in length and 1,435 mm in width track and the reconstruction of the current 1,520 mm width of railroad track. As well as 2 automobile lanes tunnels, viaduct, noise dampening walls, fences and other works indicated in the agreement.

"Rail Baltica" is one of the most important railroad infrastructure project in the Baltic region that integrates Baltic Countries in to the European railroad network. Five member states of the European Union participate in the implementation of the project: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and indirectly – Finland.

The total calculated sum of investments in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is approximately 5,788B euros. The sum of investments in Lithuania is approximately 2,474B euros, out of which it is expected that the EU will finance 85 per cent. It is planned to finish laying down the European track railroad up to Tallinn in 2025 and to start operate it in 2026.

Обновлено 2018-11-19