This Sunday, 10 December, new electric trains owned by Lithuanian Railways will begin making trips along the Vilnius-Minsk route. Passengers will be able to reach the capital of Belarus on more spacious transport vehicles, perfectly suited for business trips. 

"Given that Vilnius-Minsk is one of the most popular routes offered by Lithuanian Railways, we have assessed the passenger flows, their habits and potential, and decided to offer more spacious trains, perfectly suitable for business trips. The journey from Vilnius to Minsk takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes. This is probably the quickest way for passengers to reach the capital of Belarus, without having to waste any time at the border, which can take up to 4 hours during peak periods," said CEO of Lithuanian Railways Mantas Bartuška.

During the entire international trip, passengers will be provided with free Wi-Fi, laptop and cell phone charging, and allowed to transport carriages and larger sized luggage using special holders.

Tickets for the trip cost between 15.49 EUR to 28.25 EUR. The modern trains consist of two classes: business and economy. The price of business class tickets include drinks and snacks, which the passengers on the economy class will be able to order for an additional charge. Beginning with 10 December, many more passengers will be able to reach the capital of Belarus: the new double-deck trains are able to carry twice as many passengers as before – as many as 296.

Trains from Vilnius to Belarus leave on 6:15AM and 3:05PM every day. The Minsk-Vilnius train schedule has also been amended – from now on, trains leave the capital of Belarus on 10:35AM and 7:30PM every day. Tickets can be purchased on the website:

Vilnius-Minsk is one of the most popular routes offered by Lithuanian Railways. More than 200,000 passengers were transported along the route during the first 10 months of this year.

Atnaujinta 2017-12-13