Lithuania and Turkey signed a Memorandum regarding the "Viking" project

Lithuania Transport Minister Rimantas Sinkevicius and Turkey Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Binal Yildrim signed a Memorandum of Cooperation regarding the "Viking" project.

"This is a very relevant step in negotiations with the Turkish country describing Lithuania and Turkey's cooperation prospects while developing the container train "Viking" project. Turkey's accession to the project will open up new business opportunities and provide particular economical benefits to Lithuania'', - said Minister R. Sinkevičius.

''Viking'' is not only the railways, ports and logistics companies' project, but also the example of a constructive political collaboration between participating states. During the 10years of train ''Viking'' shuttling, the relations between initiators and founders of the ''Viking'' project have been established and are constantly developing, having more countries and more transport-related companies joining the project.

Strong ''Viking'' sides in the global trade and transportation markets-cargo security, traffic speed and extremely fast, just over half an hour, European Union border crossing. In this aspect, ''Viking'' is unique and has no analogues in the EU.



Information of Transport Ministry

Atnaujinta 2014-03-28