European officers have been introduced to the activities of VLRD

On 22 July, during the Informal Competitiveness Council, ministers and representatives of the European Union member states visited UAB Vilniaus Lokomotyvų Remonto Depas. The high profile guests were introduced to the activities of the company, machinery produced and repaired. The company was selected for this visit of high profile officers as an example of efficiently operated state-managed company.

UAB Vilniaus Lokomotyvų Remonto Depas was established in 2003. It was one of the first companies in the Baltic region producing switching locomotives and track machines of new generation and providing services of upgrade and repairs of the rolling-stock fleet. When producing new modern machinery, performing modernisation and repairs of rolling-stock, the company uses the most advanced technologies, regularly upgrades and develops its production capacities.

Efficient activities of the company are ensured not only by the latest technologies, competence of the staff of the company, but also by cooperation with partners from various foreign countries. Starting from 2009 the company has produced 35 units of new switching locomotives TEM TMH. This year the company is starting production of a new switching locomotive TEМ 35 with hybrid transmission.

In cooperation with the Czech company CZ LOKO, the Russian company Brianskiy mashinostroitelniy zavod and the Ukrainian company Lugansteplovoz, the company started production of new switching four-axle Diesel locomotive TEM LTH.

2012 – 2013 the company opened a new page in its activities – in the field of production of specialised railway infrastructure machinery. Together with the Italian railway transport production company SVI S.p.A. and the Austrian concern PALFINGER RAILWAY, it created and has currently produced a railmotor-car KTD, intended for maintenance and repairs of the contact network. It is also producing another machine AGRc-1200, which is intended for maintenance and repairs of railway tracks and for laying of new tracks.

Atnaujinta 2014-03-31