Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot (VLRD) is the subsidiary of Lithuanian Railways, first in the Baltic region, which provides complex repair and modernization services of locomotives and railroad machinery. It is a modern, perspective and successfully operating company, the only one in Lithuania, which provides the mentioned services. The company's activities are highly rated in international exhibitions. The increasing volume of orders and export reveals the success of the company. It is considered to be one of the most advanced enterprises within the Baltic region.

Beginning - 130 years ago

The beginning of the company dates back to the year 1884, 29 December, when Vilnius Locomotive Return Depot was founded (the title was changed into Vilnius Steam Engine Depot in 1888, and in 1970 the company was titled Vilnius Locomotive Depot). On 1 October, 2013, Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot was established. The turnover of the company exceeded 200 million LTL (~57 million EUR), which was 5 times higher than in 2003. According to the sales revenue, it is one of the largest enterprises in Lithuania. The sales revenue has exceeded 1 billion LTL (~285 million EUR) since the foundation of the company.

Customers in Lithuania and abroad

The Depot provides various services to its main client AB LG CARGO. However, a significant amount of production is being exported to Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Azerbaijan and other partner countries. 16 new shunting locomotives were manufactured in 2013 (14 of them were purchased by Lithuanian Railways, 2 locomotives were bought by an Estonian company; 4 locomotives TEM TMH and 1 locomotive TEM33 are now operating in Russian market). Moreover, almost 70 locomotives were repaired.

The latest equipment and modern technology

The structure of Lithuanian and neighbour countries' fleet of rolling stocks is rapidly changing, therefore the Depot company constantly upgrades its services. Maintenance and production is being constantly renewed, the orders are carried out by applying the latest technologies. A reconstructed vehicle manufactory is currently operating and it is equipped with modern technology.

Main services:

  • Overhaul and maintenance of locomotives and diesel trains
  • Overhaul of CR-2 vehicles, including remotorization or modernization
  • Technical maintenance of rolling stocks, routine repair works and overhaul
  • Detailed examination of wheel sets, design and production of new wheel sets
  • Complete overhaul of electric vehicles and electric equipment
  • Repair and overhaul of all types of  internal combustion engines, fuel systems, various kinds of compressors and manual actuators
  • Inspection and repair of railway vehicles speedometers, manometers and electric measurement devices
  • Mechanic and welding works of various constructions

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot sells spare parts and nodes

  • For the repair of passenger/freight locomotive M62, 2M62, TEP60, TEP70
  • For the repair ofshunting locomotives TEM2, CME3, TGK2, TGM4
  • For the repair of diesel trains D1, DR1A
  • Spare parts for maintenance and repair of other equipment.


Svitrigailos str. 39/16

LT-03209 Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 269 2035

Fax.:+370 5 269 2340

E-mail: [email protected]  or [email protected]



Updated on 2019-09-20