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Freight register contacts

Working hours:

I-VI 8:00-20:00;

VII 8:00-18:00.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. no.: +370 5 269 2251

Railway station contacts

Panerių str. 56, Vilnius


Information for passengers:

Tel. no.: +370 700 55 111

E-mail: [email protected] 

For freight transportation services please contact

For freight transportation services please contact

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. no.: +370 5 202 1515

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Available equipment

  • Mobile equipment for freight handlingAtverti
    Mobile equipment for freight handling

    Forklifts – (capacity 1,5 t, 3 t, 5 t), electronic scales (capacity 1,5 t and 3 t).

    K2 (2885 m²) ramp – open, rear and side.

    580 m² ramp –  designed to load/unload freight into/out of wagons/cars (121 tracks) with truckloaders. Suitable for heavy loads.

Vilnius railway station

Services Service description
Delivery and removal of rolling stocks. Ordered empty or loaded wagons delivery to unloading/loading areas.
Weighing of wagons. Upon the written request of the client the wagon is weighed and a weighing slip is issued.
Loading on pallets, packed or unit loads. Loading of listed freight is carried out manually or with loading equipment.
Provision of freight storage services in the open area of the loading unit and in a closed warehouse Clients who have warehousing contracts have the right to use the designated storage space and keep their cargo in the warehouse.
Weighing of freight using Lithuanian Railways scales. At the customer's request, the load is weighed and an extract of weighing data is issued.
Weighing of trucks using Lithuanian Railways scales At the customer's request, trucks are weighted and a weighing slip is issued.
Customs mediation services Preparation of documents required for customs and representation at customs.
Services of customs' warehouse and terminal. Warehousing or temporary storage of goods under customs control. Loading and sorting in a customs warehouse, import and export terminal.
Modification of freight carriers contracts. Changing of freight contracts takes place at the customer's request when the terminal or the consignee's name is changed
Sealing of wagons and containers. Wagons are sealed in such a way that, if their attachment is breached, they will be damaged. In the case of certain goods, a wire rope must accompany the seals
Cleanup of wagons. If separate request and payment are provided, wagons can be cleaned by railway undertaking. If loading is carried out by the customer, the customer is responsible for cleaning the wagon.
Acceptance of freight. In the case of self-handling, we may, upon separate request and payment, appoint a consignee to carry out certain procedures.
Supervisor services for loading and securing freight on wagons. If a load being handled by the customer, an employee shall be appointed, on request and on payment, to inspect the loading on the wagon. After loading, the supervisor signs the consignment note.
Filling in and printing of transportation documents. At the customer's request, the service personell has to complete and print the shipping documents.
Acceptance of applications into „e-Krovinys" system. After the client sends the completed application, the information is entered into system "E-krovinys" system. Nevertheless, the customer can fill in the application directly into "E-krovinys". The filled out form is checked station employee.
Train formation. The station has a hill that is used specially to formation of trains.