Container train "Sun Train" (Saulė)


The container train "Sun Train" (Saulė) connects Europe and China and is unique in that cargo arrive to Europe from China in 10 days (by sea – in 40 days). The train project development was approved by Lithuania's and Kazakhstan's presidents under the cross-border agreements.

The first train unit of 41 container was moved from Chongqing, China on 28th of October, 2011, via this route: Alashankou (CN)/ Dostyk (KZ) – Semiglavyj Mar (KZ) / Ozinki (RU) – Zlynka (RU) / Zakopytje (BY) – Gudogai (BY) – Kena (LT) / Mockava (LT) with realoading containers on Dostyk station (China/ Kazkhstan border) and Sestokai station (Lithuania/Poland border). Total train route of 10.929 km was covered in 18 days.

"Sun Train" (Saulė) unites nine countries, from China to Belgium, and runs very fast. The project operator "VPA Logistics" seeks to ensure that trains are always full of freight; while support for the project is assured to come from authorities of Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and China. "EurasiaGood Transport Inc." is in charge of transportation through China; "LG ekspedicija" – through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus; and "Hupac" – through Poland, Germany, and Belgium.
Currently company is working with large Chinese logistic companies such as CRIMT, Sinotrans, Genertec International Logistics, Bondex Logistics Co., which can ensure container gathering in China and connecting them to Sun Train line. It is believed that cooperation with Chinese companies will attract new cargo flows and strengthen transportation via already existing container train line projects. 
There are opportunities for freight transportation by routes from Kazakhstan to the Baltic Sea and from China to Belgium through Sestokai.

• From Kazakhstan through Russia and Belarus to Lithuania within 8 days (reference to the map).
• From China through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands to Belgium within 18 days (reference to the map).
• Rendering distribution and warehousing services in Lithuania, Belgium, and China.
• Synergy with the northernmost ice-free port of Klaipeda in the Baltic Sea ensures freight traffic all year round.

Sun Train operator


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Updated on 2015-10-28