Radviliškis Freight Wagon Depot

One of the most modern and biggest companies in the Baltics, performing depot (DR), overhaul (KR), overhaul of all types of freight wagons, platform, tank, tank 

and covered wagons (KRP), wagon diagnostics, painting, hydraulic testing of tank wagons services, according to RID and SMGS requirements. Depot is specializing at modernization and operation of platform wagons ref. for transportation containers, repair and operation of refrigerated wagons, transformation of refrigerated wagons into universal covered wagons with insulated body, etc. The depot also carries out wheelset shaping, repairs of freight wagons, extensions and upgrades of their service life, repair of coupling devices, repair of brake equipment, and verification of railway templates. Maintenance and repair of all units of freight wagons is carried out by the depot.

  • 2005 March 31 Radviliskis Freight Wagon Depot was recognized to comply with the quality management system standard ISO 9001: 2000. 2011 November 6, recertification was carried out and a certificate was issued that recognized the depot as compliant with the management system standard ISO 9001: 2008. Certificate no. 98370-2011-AQ-LTU-FINAS.
  • 2010 June 7 VGI issued certificate no. RE-29, authorizing maintenance (TP), current repair (ER-1, ER-2), depot repair (DR) and overhaul (KR) of all types of freight wagons. The depot also has the right to overhaul the service life (KRP) of semi-wagons, tank wagons for the transport of petrol and oil, universal platforms and multi-purpose wagons.
  • 2007 October 1 The Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau has issued Accreditation Certificate Nr. LA.01.081, Vol. which certifies that the Metrology Laboratory of Radviliskis Freight Wagon Depot of the Lithuanian Railways AB meets the requirements of LST EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 and is accredited for the testing of railway templates.
  • 2009 July 31 Metrology Laboratory accredited the depot as Wagon Diagnostic Laboratory and extended laboratory accreditation area to perform freight wagon diagnostics.
  • 2010 January 27 the approval of the Railway Transport Council to extend the service life of freight wagons was accredited.
  • 2006 April 4 Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department issued Radviliskis Freight Wagon Depot License Nr. 0071, authorizing the manufacture and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment.

In recent years, new units have been built in the depot, including the freight wagon renewal workshop and the freight wagon repair shop, specializing at preparing wagons to be cleaned and painted. The company constantly focuses on the acquisition and renewal of new technological equipment. In order to improve the quality of work and defectoscopy, the employees improve their qualification through in-company and international training.

Radviliskis Freight Wagon Depot carries out and exceeds its dedicated wagon repair tasks. During 2011, we carried out the modernization of 27 wagons, extended the service life of 145 wagons, repaired 6926 freight wagons, and carried out 11188 wagons on-going repairs, thus we contributed to safe transportation of cargo in Lithuania and abroad. High quality of provided services, qualification of employees and the work culture create reliability and trust, thus currently the company is responsible of repairing wagons belonging to tf Latvia, Estonia and Russian companies.

The depot aims to build new freight wagon repair shop, a modern stock warehouse, and a metal repair site to increase the amount of work done, improve the working conditions of the employees and meet the ecological requirements.


Updated on 2019-09-20