Freight transportation directorate  

JSC Lithuanian Railways - largest freight and logistics services company with more than 150 years of successful experience.

Our values:

Professionalism, Environmental Save, Stability, Safe cargo delivery, Collaboration.

Directions of freight transportation:

JSC Lithuanian Railways organizes freight transportation according to the needs of the clients and does not have a limited list of freight transportation routes (directions). Lithuania has a 1520 mm and 1435 mm wide rail gauge so freight can be delivered as well to West Europe as East Europe and Asia.

Freight transportation on railways on 1435 mm railway gauge is currently organized in entire Europe westward from Finland, the Baltic countries, Belarus and Ukraine, with an exception of Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

JSC Lithuanian Railways aims at ensuring transportation in the following directions: to Scandinavian countries, Turkey, China and Western Europe.


    The main directions of development of freight transportation services:

- To become the major transport corridor for transporting freights between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea by connecting Northern Europe with the Black Sea region, i. e. Ukraine, Turkey, Transcaucasia (implementation of international shuttle projects)

- Effectively service Belarus, Russia, Middle Asia, China countries freight markets

- To expand the activities of freight transportation in the direction North to South (the implementation of the Rail Baltica project, participation in the creation of VIII freight transportation corridor (Rotterdam-Berlin-Warsaw – Terespol/Kaunas), construction of the intermodal terminal in Kaunas public logistics centre, collaboration with the Polish railways

- Implementation of the international shuttle container train projects


- Container train check when crossing the EU border – 30 min.

- A renewed rolling stock of the freight trains of the Lithuanian railways

- JSC Lithuanian Railways is one of the best transit guarantors and carrier in central Europe

- The fastest way of reaching one of the most successful ice-free port in the Baltic Sea from China / Kazakhstan border

- Possibility of freight further distribution to any point of the EU from Lithuania in 3 days (with any mode of transport)

- Lithuanian transport and logistics sector can effectively serve not only the markets of the East-West direction, but and the north-south direction, including Belarus, Ukraine and Central European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.).


Updated on 2019-05-27