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Freight register contacts

Working hours: I-VII 8:00-20:00

E-mail: [email protected] 

Tel. no.: +370 46 202517

Railway station contacts

Priestočio str. 5a, Klaipėda, LT-92228


information for passengers:

Tel. no.: +370 700 55 111

E-mail: nuomonė[email protected]

For freight transportation services please contact

For freight transportation services please contact

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. no.: +370 5 269 3636

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Klaipėda railways station

Acceptance and issue of wagon consignments permitted to be stored in the open areas of the station. The wagon consignments permitted to be stored in the open areas of the station.
Issue of waybill forms. Kliento prašymu atliekamas vietinių ir tartautinių paraiškų derinimas.
Acceptance and execution of additional orders of senders and consignees for contract modification operations. Papildomų krovinių siuntėjų ir gavėjų pavedimų vežimo sutarties keitimo operacijoms priėmimas ir vykdymas.
Handling transportation documents and delivery notes. Filling, checking, printing and entering transport documents and waybills KR-52, KR-99, KR-10, KR-28, KR-29, KR-30 into "e-Krovinys".
Receiving and dispatching freight. Receiving and dispatching freight in universal containers of 20 ft.
Acceptance of a transport organization application and its entry into the "e-Krovinys" system Clients send in the application and the LG employee enters it into the "e-Krovinys" information system. Clients can also fill in the applications themselves in "e-Krovinys" and LG will check if the application is filled in correctly.
Issue of freight certificates. Certificates are sent at the request of a customer for a fixed fee.
Train formation. Formation of trains is executed using a hill at the station.
Logistics services. Client consultation, provision of information by e-mail, fax or telephone.
Weighing of freight using LG scales. At the customer's request, the freight is weighed and a report containing weighing data is issued.
Freight reception services. Upon the written request of the client, freight acceptance service and the commercial agent are involved in loading the customer's wagons. There is a fixed fee for this service.
Delivery and drive away of rolling stocks. Ordered empty or loaded wagons are driven with the LG locomotive.
Maneuvering services. Maneuvering services are provided upon the request of the client.
Sealing of wagons. Wagons are sealed with highly sensitive seals.