Social Responsibility

The Company, seeking to meet corporate social responsibility standards, consistently pays great attention to their implementation:
  • in employment relations – to the creation of favourable and attractive working conditions, whereas an employee's family and professional commitments are harmonised through the establishment of individual working hours at the employee's written request; to the employment of disabled and other socially disadvantaged individuals and creation of conditions for their effective participation in the labour market, by providing them with jobs meeting their physical abilities or by establishing individual working hours and/or reducing a working day/week on the basis of recommendations; to the encouragement of lifelong learning among employees; to an active dialogue of the company's management with the staff; to introduction of the staff complaint submission and solution system in the company; to transparent wage payment;
  • in relations with the local community – to a dialogue with the local community and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in making business decisions; to the identification of business risks and opportunities by engaging local communities and NGOs; to the long-term partnership with NGOs in the area of social issues; and to responsible user education programmes.
Great consideration is also paid to the environmental safety:
  • continuous assessment of environmental impact of activities, efficient use of energy and natural resources, and environmental control of the company's facilities. Rail transport is universally accepted as one of the environmentally friendliest means of transport: we have proven it upon winning in the nomination "The Greenest Company" in the project "Lithuanian Business Leaders." Quality of environmental components is assured by the Company's laboratory which diligently conducts environmental studies. The company mainly focuses on cost-effective waste management and logistics, aims to maximize the effective recovery of the environment after "accidents."

Updated on 2016-08-02