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Employee safety and environmental protection department

Employee safety and environmental protection department

Employee safety – one of the main priorities of the Company, the goal of the Company – healthy employees working in safe conditions.

Our main goals:

In the sphere of employee safety and health

  • Introduction of safety culture by forming safe working habits of employees and increasing the level of the employee safety culture.
  • Increasing the wellness of the employees, seeking to reduce the number of illnesses and ensuring continuous work of the employees.
  • Preforming the evaluation of occupational risks of employee work places. During this evaluation the occupational risks having negative effect on the employees are established and eliminated.

In the environmental protection sphere we seek:

  • To ensure the fulfilment of the environmental protection requirements;
  • To constantly evaluate the impact of activities of the Company on the environment;
  • To reduce the emission of the CO2 gasses which cause the greenhouse effect;
  • To encourage effective use of energetic and natural resources;
  • To reduce accumulation of waste and encourage sorting;
  • To control and reduce the amount of pollution that might get into the atmosphere or the water;
  • To form and raise the eco-culture of the AB "Lietuvos geležinkeliai" employees.

Environmental protection report 2017
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