Security Division


Rail transport being the most massive and accessible mode of transport and one of the most important components of the state economic and public life, as experience has shown, often becomes the subject of criminal attempts. A significant impact on crime prevention in railway transport has the application of effective preventive measures, successful cooperation of the railway transport employees with law enforcement authorities, other cooperation partners.

Main Tasks and Functions of the Security Division

The most important task of the Security Division is to create and develop a single JSC "Lithuanian Railways" security strategy.

The main functions of the Security Division:

  • periodical analysis of external and internal threats, posing a risk to the company functioning, its interests, structural stability or image, planning and implementation of preventive nature measures to minimise the risk factors;
  • organizing and execution of preventive activities against terrorism, sabotage or other criminal acts, administrative offences and other security incidents in the company;
  • ensuring the control of the company assets and execution of physical protection of information;
  • issuing of permits for entering the company secured facilities, preparation of procedures for entering the company facilities, organizing and participation in inspections to check compliance with Internal Procedures;
  • organizing and control of activities to ensure the security of the company commercial (production) secret which is an integral part of confidential and classified information;
  • ensuring that the company complies with the requirements of legal acts regulating the protection of personal data;
  • preparation and implementation of the security awareness enhancement program to the company employees;
  • organising of cooperation with the state law enforcement authorities, the divisions ensuring security of other major companies in the country.


Mindaugo st. 12, Vilnius, Room 128, Floor I; Room 406 , Floor IV

fax: (8-5) 269 2767

Head: Valdas Jankauskas, tel. (8-5) 269 3621, e-mail:

Chief Specialist: Gintarė Janulytė - Kavaliauskienė, tel. 269 3627, email:


Updated on 2016-10-21