On 5 June, after a 9 day long trip and 5,492 kilometres, a unit train of international logistics company Hupac Intermodal SA reached Lithuania, Kena train station. Freight train consisting of 82 cars is transporting chemical 1,4 Butanediol to German and French plants. In 2017, around 15–20 transit trains from China should run through Lithuania.

With China focusing on exploiting Silk Route to Europe, freight transportation by rail is also gaining its momentum. In 2016, 1,700 trains ran between China and Europe. In 2017, the number should reach 2,500, while the goal of up to 5,000 trains per year should be achieved by 2025.

"Our goal is to direct as much freight transported from Chine to Europe as possible through Lithuania. We are in great geographical location and can provide our partners with unique possibility to use European railway corridor. We are completely ready for this – we can ensure operative clearance of all required transit procedures, technical and commercial train inspection in Kena border station. After the freight reaches Šeštokai, it is loaded to 1,435 mm wide gauge wagons and then continues its trip to the final destination. It is obvious that growing flow of freight from Chine opens new opportunities to Lithuanian Railways as a part of freight may run through Lithuania", – Gerimantas Bakanas, the Deputy General Manager of Lithuanian Railways, tells.

Collaboration between Lithuanian Railways and Chinese logistics companies, which started in 2011, becomes more intensive every year. Company's representative office in China played the key role of mediator and helped to initiate collaboration with the largest transport companies in China, such as Sinotrans, CMG, CAMCe, Gentrans, Kerry Logistics, CSALC, Lianyunagng Port Group, Zhengzhou International hub, CRCT, CRIMT, etc.

Updated on 2017-08-18