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PKN “Orlen” and “Lithuanian Railways” Extend their Cooperation

On 14 August, the general manager of PKN "ORLEN" Daniel Obajtek and the general manager of "Lithuanian Railways" Mantas Bartuška signed an agreement regarding the development of cooperation. The heads of the companies also symbolically highlighted the start of the reconstruction of the railroad strip to Rengė.

Based on the agreement signed in Mažeikiai, the Lithuanian company belonging to the "ORLEN" group expressed its intention to preserve a close partnership with "Lithuanian Railways" – the parties undertook to extend cooperation when transporting the cargo to Poland. "ORLEN Lietuva" intends to divert annually in to Poland a couple of hundred thousand tons of the products it produces. In this way, the flexibility of the activities of "ORLEN" group and the security of supplying Poland with gas is ensured.

"The company "ORLEN Lietuva" is a strategic company of the region. Which is why, in order to use up the potential at hand, the further development of it is necessary. The current decisions and announcements affirm the consistent vision of the future development of the company. Close cooperation between "PKN ORLEN" and its Lithuanian partners will be beneficial for all parties", - highlighted general manager and chairperson of the board of "PKN ORLEN" Daniel Obajtek.

He also said that today's good relations among the companies is a reflection of perfect Lithuanian-Poland relations and healthy environment is very important for business.

"The today's agreement is a result of an effective mutual cooperation. "ORLEN Lietuva" is one of the most important clients of "Lithuanian Railways". For the company that refines oil it is important to ensure reliable logistical services. Thus, both sides are interested in searching for new business directions and find the solutions, which are best for both sides", - the general manager Mantas Bartuška of the "Lithuanian Railways" said.

"PKN ORLEN" manager Daniel Obajtek together with the general manager of "Lithuanian Railways" Mantas Bartuška laid down a symbolic rail at the railroad stripe from Mažeikiai to Rengė in Latvia. After ten years from the suspension of traffic, oil-refining factory will again be able to use the shortest path to transport the production to Latvia and Estonia. It is important, because up to 20 per cent of Mažeikiai factory production is sold in markets north from Lithuania.

"I'm glad that today we can talk about the strengthening partnership and new opportunities. The story of Rengė, which soured the relations of both parties for many years, is also being closed. Lithuania has undertaken to restore traffic on Rengė strip and today it has once again confirmed that Lithuania upholds this obligations", - the Minister of Transport and Communications Rokas Masiulis said while visiting Mažeikiai.

"ORLEN Lietuva", which controls oil-refining factory in Mažeikiai, is one of the largest clients of "Lithuanian Railways". Annually, the company transports approximately 9M tons of "ORLEN Lietuva" cargo.

Updated on 2018-11-19