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Lithuanian and Poland Railways Will Develop the Transportation of Cargo via Intermodal Transport

The company "Lithuanian Railways", which intends to become the leader of mobility and logistics in Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the largest cargo transportation companies in Poland "PKP Cargo" agreed on cooperation regarding the transportation of cargo via intermodal transport. In this way, the negative impact on the environment is intended to be diminished and road safety is intended to be increased.

On 5 September, at the International Economics Forum, which is organized in Krynica, Poland, the heads of the companies signed an agreement envisaging this. Based on this cooperation agreement, "Lithuanian Railways" and "PKP Cargo" will strive to ensure the incentive of carriages between Lithuania and Poland, as well as the development of intermodal transport projects.

"It is symbolic that this agreement, by which it is intended to incite carriages in an environmental friendly and safe for humans' way, was signed in one of the most important economic events in the Middle and Eastern Region of Europe. Together with "PKP Cargo", we will develop cargo transportations via intermodal transport. This kind of transportation method will not only save the expenses, which the consignors and transporters incur, but will also diminish environment pollution, traffic jams, noise, traffic accidents and other negative impact, which the road transport has on the environment", - said Egidijus Lazauskas the head of the Cargo Transportation Management of "Lithuanian Railways".

"Lithuanian Railways" control intermodal terminals in Vilnius, Kaunas and Šeštokai, where containers and semi-trailers are reloaded. While "PKP Cargo" controls 25 reloading terminals in Europe, out of which 4 are intermodal. It is envisaged in the agreement that in the next year the companies will start to provide transportation services via the railroad on the "door to door" principle, by connecting "PKP Cargo" terminals with the intermodal terminals controlled by "Lithuanian Railways". "Lithuanian Railways" and "PKP Cargo" will strive to agree on specific carriage conditions until the end of this year.

"PKP Cargo Group" is the second largest company in Europe that transports cargo via the railroad transport. The annual income of it is 4.55B Zlotys and annually it transports 116M tons of cargo.

Updated on 2018-11-19