Corruption Prevention

JSC "Lithuanian Railways" in order to ensure the transparency and publicity of the activities carry out the corruption prevention and consistently implement its objectives. The main objective of the corruption prevention is to prevent occurrence and spreading of corruption in the activities of the company by eliminating deficiencies in the legal acts, procedures, other fields, preventing the potentially illegal acts by the company employees which may lead to occurrence of conditions for corruption.

The company carrying out in the corruption prevention activities calls on support from the employees and the public. Please provide information about violations and illegal actions of the company employees by e-mail: or by Whistleblowing Helpline (8 5) 269 3600. Your anonymity is assured. When reporting about a potential violation, please provide the most accurate place, time of violation (action) and available information about the violator (name, surname). Also describe in brief the nature of the violation. We would appreciate if You provide your contact information and if it is possible to contact You. Thank You for the provided information.

Please note that the laws of the Republic of Lithuania prohibit slander or falsely accuse a person of commitment of crime. A criminal liability shall be imposed for such actions.

Authorities carrying out corruption prevention in the Republic of Lithuania:

Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania;

Financial Crime Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania;

Chief Official Ethics Commission;

Other state and municipality and non-governmental organizations.


Updated on 2019-02-27