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First shipment of protective equipment from China by rail is now in Lithuania

On Saturday, April 4, a freight containing protective equipment for health workers arrived in Lithuania by rail. This is the first shipment of medical products delivered from the city of Chongqing in China by LG Cargo, a freight transportation company owned by Lithuanian Railways.

The protective equipment required for medical workers to fight COVID-19 was delivered by the order of the "Hold on, doctors!" initiative and the entire logistics chain, i.e. supply and transportation, were taken care of by the Lithuanian Railways representative office in China.  

One container brought 300 thousand medical masks, and the cargo reached Lithuania within 9 days of the train's departure from China.

"In times of crisis, we try not to be observers, but helpers. In order to protect against the threat of the virus, our routine activities are continued by a large team of Lithuanian Railways, which contributes to the aid initiatives. Recently, we brought our compatriots by train from Germany in a short time; now our work experience in China opens up the possibilities for expeditious deliveries of the necessary medical equipment to Lithuania. The concentration and unity of all is the only way to overcome difficulties together," said Mantas Bartuška, CEO of Lithuanian Railways.

One of the authors of the "Hold on, doctors!" initiative, Gabija Milašiūtė, Head of "Laisvės TV" channel, seconds that today the concentration of society and business on a common goal is very important.

"At this time, we are fighting not only the disease, but also the time. Medical institutions still lack the necessary protective equipment, which means that the health professionals that are supposed to take care of our health are now unable to protect their own. Therefore, in this situation, fast reaction to what is happening around becomes one of the greatest opportunities for Lithuania to climb as successfully as possible out of the pit the whole world now finds itself in. In less than 3 weeks, our fund has already raised more than 1.5 million euros, for which we buy essential medical supplies. Thanks to successful partnerships, every day we deliver more and more of them to the most intensive flash points of today," said the head of "Laisvės TV".

The freight transported from China to Vilnius Intermodal Terminal (VIT) was moved from the railway platform for further distribution of medical supplies.

Lithuanian Railways, together with the help of its Chinese partners, organises the procurement of the essential protective equipment to fight COVID-19 directly from manufacturers and helps to ensure the delivery of the necessary equipment for the needs of the state, municipalities and hospitals, charities, state institutions and state enterprises.

Updated on 2020-04-29